Now, we established the community as “OMOKAGE” which made the focus on beat makers and manages the curatorship media and the label type media.

About curation media, We are aiming to be a group that uses YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud etc, to back up self expression of wonderful beat makers (with edge) in both domestic and overseas.

Due to the evolution of computers, the development of the Internet, the spread of SNS. A long time has passed since time has come for individuals to be able to produce music, sell, and advertise. But such a situation is not necessarily only a good aspect for artists, we think.

Of course, there are also many merits to personal activities. It is a great merit that you can select and distribute and sell your favorite platform and your favorite timing without being bound by a label.

However, with the increase in the number of artists engaged in personal activities and the increase in the distribution platform, wonderful artists are scattered, there is a problems that listeners can not reach their favorite artists.

There are various curation media in the world, activities to spread the music to the playlist of these artists are also done. Among them, we collect unique and wonderful music that will not be swayed by trends with the keyword “music as art”, and we would like to create new economic spheres and value standards.

In addition, In parallel with curation media, we will also support music production as a label type media, event planning and production.

While cooperating with creators, equipment manufacturers, dealers, etc, we would like to be an people being who can support the necessary things in order to lead to the exposure and recognition of artists.

What we can only do, things that only artists can do, by respecting and co-creating each other, we sincerely hope that as many as one artist can gain empathy from the whole world beyond borders, races and words.