RELEASE NOV. 7, 2018
12inch LP( 2,300yen include tax ) / DIGITAL

  • A01. clj
  • A02. eio
  • A03. soen feat. Masahiro Araki
  • B01. edge.
  • B02. sounds so
  • B03. who’s day


“POLYHEDRAL THEORY” is a long-awaited first album by Beat Maker & Singer MASAHIRO KITAGAWA, and this recorded musics was aspired to released from the scene for a long time.

This recorded musics consists of six songs, including precisely constructed challenging beat songs and songs based on soulful singing voices. This also includes collaboration work “soen” with Masahiro Araki of the keyboardist of REMIGAI deeply friends from long ago.

In the artwork, it is featuring Ceramic plate work of the world sculptor artist Tadashi Mori receiving the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon in Japan.

This music has become a work of high artistic value, not just a music album, by realizing collaboration with Tadashi Mori which has been greatly influenced from his own childhood age.

Also, the singing voice in the recorded musics are all by MASAHIRO KITAGAWA himself, and Soulful singing voice that can not be thought of as Japanese is very impressive.

It can be said as a new interpretation of HIPHOP and Electro Music, and the creative and colorful truck which made use of many analog equipment will be able to taste its depth in various environments from floor to home.